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Did Zayn "Borrow" Music From Little Mix & Former Band Members One Direction?

Did Zayn Malik steal music from his former group AND his ex-girlfriend? While his newest song, ‘Like I Would,’ is amazing, it sounds a lot like a handful of One Direction and Little Mix songs.

Just if it seemed like Zayn Malik completely put One Direction and Perrie Edwards during the past, his music could be telling us otherwise! The 23-year-old singer released another solo track called “Like I Would,” and suddenly 1D and Little Mix have come back into Zayn’s life — at least his music. In fact, fans are even speculating that Zayn stole their tunes!

Unlike Zayn’s two previously released songs, “Pillowtalk” and “It’s You,” “Like I Would” is usually a super dancey track through an upbeat tempo. But while “Like I Would” shows us some other side of Zayn’s solo material, this new poppy side also totally has hints of Little Mix and One Direction. Even several of the lyrics certainly are a mashup of Little Mix’s “Love Me Like You” and 1D’s “I Would”! Check Zayn Like I Would sheet music here.

But let’s picture this for real: Would Zayn wish to sound like either of such groups? After all, Zayn thought One Direction’s music was “never cool” as they was still within the band. Plus, he’s the one that ended things with Perrie in August 2015, so he probably wouldn’t need to pay homage to his ex!

Then again, the lyrics within the song definitely hint that they’re about a ex-girlfriend. Perrie, perhaps? It certainly wouldn’t be considered a coincidence considering just how much the song looks like her band! And he’s already openly admitted that “It’s You” is around her, so why wouldn't you just add another Perrie song to his number of solo tracks! And as for 1D, they paid tribute thus to their former bandmate into their song — and adorable video for — “History,” so maybe i thought this was his method to give a shoutout back?

After playing the song several times, though, we wouldn’t really go as much as saying that Zayn actually stole music from his ex’s group or his former band. But it certainly feels like they have created a lasting impression on him — whether he'd like to face it or not! Either way, there’s no denying that “Like I Would” is really a total jam!

HollywoodLifers, you think Zayn stole regions of 1D and Little Mix’s songs to produce “Like I Would”? What do you consider of his new song?

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