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Lukas Graham '7 Years' Astonishing Live Performance

European band performs at the Billboard Music Awards

Lukas Graham guaranteed there was a good amount of heart for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. The Danish band busted out its hit song, ‘7 Years’ over the May 22 awards show, serenading the target audience with a sweet performance!

Denmark enjoys Legos and Hans Christian Andersen. Now, because of the powerful performance from Lukas Graham for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, the Scandinavian country is definitely the next hottest spot for soulful pop music!

Lukas Graham delivered their knockout performance in the heart of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada throughout the May 22 event. Lead singer Lukas Graham Forchhammersang, 27, sang his heart seem to all those who could listen and yes it was incredible! Though, he did make guaranteed to pause to call for a short drum solo, showing that your soulful song will have a little edge going without running shoes. Check Lukas Graham 7 Years sheet music here.


The band — singer Lukas, drummer Mark “Lovestick” Falgren, 27, bassist Magnus Larson, 25, and keyboardist Kasper Daugaard, 26 — previously gone quadruple-platinum into their home country of Denmark. It’s this success containing given the singer some amazing confidence. Stream Lukas Graham’s album — simply join a FREE 30-day trial here.


“Too lots of people don’t have sufficient balls or ovaries to get themselves. I do,” Lukas told Billboard, adding so it didn’t take him long to master this attitude. “I had been young when I realized my voice may make people shut the f**k up.” Well, the globe is definitely enjoying Lukas now, especially to how he weaves pop, Irish folk and hip-hop together within his band’s music.

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