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Watch 'Rise' Olympic Athem by Katy Perry Ahead Of Opening Ceremony

Singer traverses Utah's Snow Canyon and Sand Hollow State Parks for scenic clip

In Katy Perry's new video for "Rise," the singer provides for a literal interpretation of struggle, conquering fear and perseverance, particularly fear includes considered one of heights.

Set in several locations, from an abandoned-looking rusty old hangar on the mountainous, red sandstone-dotted Snow Canyon and Sand Hollow State Parks in Utah plus water, Perry is tethered to your pink parachute as she makes her way over the scenic locales.

The strings and parachute hold her back, yet she still continues to make an effort to propel herself forward, mirroring her lyrics. "Victory is at my veins," she sings about the empowering tune, "I'll fight it, I'll fight it/ I will transform." In the end, Perry truly does rise as she floats skyward once the parachute eventually takes flight.

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The Paul Gore-directed video was premiered on Thursday during NBC's Rio Olympics Preview Special. The song also may serve as the soundtrack with the network's Olympics coverage.

Download 'Rise' Sheet Music, Notes, Chords

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